How to Give Yourself Permission + Structure with Food

This FREE workbook is designed to accompany the Eat with Confidence Podcast Episode 87, which is a workshop-style format.


In this workbook you'll learn:

  • How permission + structure support each other...and are both essential to a positive relationship with food

  • How to bridge the gap between rigid food rules and confident eating

  • How to find the sweet spot between the extremes of restriction + chaos by implementing permission + structure with food

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Structure with food is not just for dieting.

You will feel most confident with food when you are implementing structure along with unconditional permission to eat.


The problem is, that's a tricky middle ground to find...especially if you're new to the process of becoming a confident eater.


That’s why we’ve created this workbook + workshop-style podcast episode for you!


We want to help you find appropriate + helpful structure with food, and use it as a tool to eat more intuitively and trust your body. 


In this free guide, we'll teach you how structure supports permission and permission supports structure...especially as you bridge the gap between restrictive food rules and confident eating.


You can find food confidence…and we can help you get you there.

    How to Give Yourself Permission + Structure with Food

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