Digestive + Hormone Health Course

Join Emily + Stephanie to learn how to approach nutrition + self-care for digestive + hormone health.

  • Learn how to manage health concerns in a flexible + effective way

  • Learn how to implement an Intuitive Eating approach to digestive concerns

  • Learn how to improve your hormonal health with a non-diet approach

Get the digestive + hormone health course (including masterclass + workbook) today so you can feel confident around food!

Confident Eating isn't just for people with good health.


A non-diet, weight neutral approach to health is not reserved for people without medical issues or health concerns.


Having a health concern does not make a diet safe or effective.


Becoming a Confident Eater is about learning how to take care of YOUR body through self-care, rather than dieting.


That's what this course is designed to help you do!


Digestive issues + hormone imbalance are incredibly common, especially among those with disordered eating behaviors. This course is designed for those who want to learn how to apply non-diet, gentle nutrition management strategies to improve digestive + hormone health.


We discuss alternatives to elimination diets, explore supplements, and offer specific behavioral strategies to consider when navigating meal timing + food choices.


*Please note: this course is not meant to replace individualized medical care. It is meant to provide reliable resources and information for how to honor your health and manage medical conditions with a non-diet approach. Please seek guidance from a mental health provider and physician for your specific mental health or metabolic health concerns.


You can find food confidence - even with your health concerns - and we can show you how.

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