Love What You Eat

Join us for a free 5-day series to learn how to eat without restriction, labels, guilt, or bingeing...learn how to love what you eat!

What is Love What You Eat Week?

If you've ever felt overwhelmed with food guilt, stuck in food patterns that don't make you feel good, or unsure of how to even enjoy food anymore, this week is for you.


We hear this all the time: "My problem is that I just love food too much."


We understand the concern in that statement...but we disagree! Loving food + enjoying your eating experiences is never a problem. In fact, we think your goal should be to love food more - not less!


That might sound crazy - especially if you really feel like loving food too much is your problem.


But consider this: If you love something, are you afraid of it? Do you see it as your enemy? Do you hurt yourself with it? Love is not motivating any of those behaviors.


It's actually the fear + distrust that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns with food where we constantly swing back and forth between restriction + chaos.


If you love something, wouldn't you want to spend time with it, slow down, and really savor it? Would you want to celebrate + embrace it? Wouldn't you want to feel positively about it?


We think so...and that's what Love What You Eat Week is all about!


Instead of trying to think about food less, battling with it, or going out of your way to avoid it, the answer to your food issues will be found in embracing your food preferences + giving yourself permission to truly LOVE what you eat.


This week, we'll be helping you learn to love what you eat by eating without restriction, labels, guilt, or bingeing.


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How will Love What You Eat Week help me?

  • Learn how to eat without restriction

    Chances are, you have foods you're afraid of or feel out of control around. It might seem like a good idea to restrict those foods, but that actually only encourages the fear and chaos. We'll teach you how to decrease the power food has over you and pur yourself back in charge of your eating.

  • Learn how to eat without labels

    The way you talk about food matters. While you might think labeling food as "good" or "bad," "healthy or "unhealthy" is helping you know what to eat, it's actually only encouraging an all-or-nothing mentality with food. We'll help you replace those labels with words that will make your eating experiences positive and far more supportive of a healthy relationship with food.

  • Learn how to eat without guilt

    Food guilt is incredibly common...and it's making you miserable. As much as you think guilt will motivate you to change your food behaviors, it actually only encourages more of the same. (More guilt = more food issues!) This week we'll help you take the next best step for eliminating food guilt for good.

  • Learn how to eat without bingeing

    There's nothing wrong with eating past fullness from time to time - it's totally normal! But if you're consistently ignoring fullness cues and eating past fullness more often than you'd like,  you may be feeling out of control around food. And we validate that that doesn't feel very good at all! Those experiences don't build trust + confidence with food, and leave you feeling like you need a diet or food rules to help you feel more in charge with food. This week, we'll dig deeper into WHY you feel out of control, and what to do about it. (Hint: it does NOT involve a diet or food rules of any kind!)


Meet Emily + Stephanie

Emily Fonnesbeck - Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist + Eating Disorder Provider

Stephanie Webb - Holistic Nutritionist, Eating Psychology Coach + Intuitive Eating Counsellor


Here at Eat Confident Co., we pride ourselves in taking a unique, compassionate, and empowering approach to health and well-being.  We believe you have all the tools you need to know how to eat and care for may just need practice, support and encouragement in doing so. That's where this free 5-day series comes in! We're here to give you the support + encouragement you need and the time you need to practice, with our guidance along the way.


We use a weight-neutral, non-diet approach to health and well-being. That means we take the focus off your weight (where you may have been putting the focus for much of your life!) and put it onto health-promoting behaviors. Not only will that lead to more peace for you, but this approach has also been proven to be the most effective + sustainable for your health and well-being.


We firmly believe your body has your back - it knows exactly what it needs and what weight it wants to be. So your job isn't to count calories, track macros, follow a rigid meal plan, or micromanage your food or your weight. Your  job is only to listen to, connect with, and practice respect for what your body communicates to you.


As nutrition professionals, we can help you build confidence, knowledge, and trust in your ability to make food decisions without a strict set of rules.  We take an all-foods-fit mentality in helping you build more nourishing + satisfying food patterns. Positive changes take time, practice, and patience...but will keep you out of the vicious cycle of diets, food rules, and rigid meal plans.  


No matter how discouraged or hopeless you feel, we have every confidence that you can find a peaceful relationship with food and your body...and we're here to help you get there.


Join us for this free 5-day series to get started!

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